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Econogy – Sustainability at Heimtextil

In a world of constant change, sustainable production and action becomes a constant. For more than ten years now, Heimtextil has been promoting this theme using a series of measures and giving green pioneers a platform. Our icon reliably guides you to exhibitors with sustainable solutions and to our content formats during the trade fair.

Econogy – Orientation, know-how and transparency

Econogy Logo

"Econogy" stands for all sustainability activities of Messe Frankfurt's Texpertise Network across international trade fairs and provides orientation. The term "Econogy" combines economy and ecology in one word and shows how decisive sustainability is today for the economic success of a company: Sustainability is increasingly becoming an integral part of all entrepreneurial thinking and action. The creative inspiration for the term "Econogy" is the famous quote by David Suzuki, Canadian biologist, publicist and winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize.*

*"We've got to put the 'eco' back into economics." Speech of David Suzuki, 31.10.2008, West Coast Green Conference, San José, California

Sustainable highlights at Heimtextil

Econogy Finder

Find your way around quickly and easily: Our online directory lists all suppliers of sustainably produced textiles. The stands of the exhibitors concerned are also marked with clearly recognizable Econogy signs.

Econogy Hub

Meet seal providers, certifiers and companies that have made a holistic commitment to sustainability. Here, interested trade visitors will get answers to their questions and up-to-date information on current developments.
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Econogy Talks

Join the conversation. On the two eye-catching stages at Heimtextil, certifiers, industry experts and NGOs will talk about solutions, best practices and challenges relating to sustainability in the contract business.
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Econogy Tours

The one-hour Green Tours are guided by an independent consultant – enabling an in depth exchange between visitors, exhibitors and experts on the latest green textile innovations.
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Trend Space

In the Heimtextil Trend Space, Hall 3.0, the Material Manifesto shows what a circular future could look and feel like. To be discovered in the consistent selection of sustainable exhibitor products, the exhibition design as well as in the story and the material-driven approach of Heimtextil Trends 24/25 itself. Experience the endless reinvention of existing resources.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Messe Frankfurt Texpertise Network is committed to accelerate innovation and change within the textile and fashion sector to advance the Decade of Action to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. To do this, the Texpertise Network utilises the unique reach of its more than 50 textile events worldwide. Our aim is to raise awareness and to share knowledge about the SDGs at all of our more than 50 textile events worldwide - from Frankfurt to New York, Atlanta, Shanghai and Paris.

The Messe Frankfurt Texpertise Network is a proud member of the United Nations Fashion and Lifestyle Network. The network is a dynamic online platform bringing together industry stakeholders, media, governments, and UN system entities to collaborate and showcase responsible business practices guided by the Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations Fashion and Lifestyle Network is a joint initiative of the United Nations Office for Partnerships and the Fashion Impact Fund.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Global Awareness Creation for the Sustainable Development Goals

Grafik SDG-Report

Our report ‚Texpertise Network und die Sustainable Development Goals