Important information for your trade fair participation in the time of COVID-19

Everyone has felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As trade fair, congress and event organisers and venue operators, the well-being of everyone involved is extremely important to us. That is why Messe Frankfurt has developed a concept for hygiene, medical and organisational measures that has been approved by the authorities.

Ensuring the health and safety of all exhibitors, visitors, service partners and employees is Messe Frankfurt’s top priority.

This factsheet is based on the requirements set out in the federal state ordinance on restricting contact and operations due to the coronavirus (last updated on 15 August 2020) and on those measures mandated by the health authorities of the City of Frankfurt am Main that are applicable at the time of the event.

Should there be any adjustments to the protection and hygiene rules, we will inform you here on a daily basis.

SARS-CoV-2: Current information

Please note, that it is generally possible for trade fair participants from abroad to enter Germany. Participants of trade fairs are considered business travellers with an urgent need to travel. More information on the topic of entry requirements for trade fair participants from abroad can be found on the website of AUMA, the German Trade Fair Industry.

Messe Frankfurt ensures a comprehensive security concept during its own events

We take distancing rules seriously


… by utilising spacious hall designs

  • with two-way visitor traffic in aisles that are at least 5 metres wide
  • with one-way visitor traffic in aisles that are 3 metres wide
  • with expansive entrance areas in exhibition halls
  • with additional areas for waiting, communication and relaxation

… by using distancing indicators and floor markings

… by providing screens and dividers for counters and/or personal protective equipment for personnel (information desks, cloakrooms etc.)

… by doing without social events in the evening (exhibitor evenings, stand parties etc.)

We are adapting our visitor management


… by implementing new ticket rules

  • with all ticket sales taking place in advance online
  • with one-day admission tickets that are only valid on a specific day

 … by ensuring full registration

  • with all essential information included for all participants (exhibitors, visitors, press, VIPs, service partners etc.)
  • with a requirement that everyone provide a self-declaration on their own health status

We are implementing all required hygiene measures


… by implementing and ensuring compliance with all applicable guidelines

  • with sufficient hand disinfection stations and information boards provided throughout the exhibition grounds
  • with fewer points of contact, e.g. through the use of contactless access controls, electronic admission tickets and electronic payment

... with modified cleaning intervals and more intensive cleaning of high-traffic areas and frequently used surfaces

… by implementing a special hygiene concept for catering

… by monitoring and ensuring the quality of all hygiene measures

… by mandating the wearing of face masks wherever this is required by the laws applicable at the time of the event


... with 100% fresh air supplied to the exhibition halls throughout the entire duration of the trade fair

Information for exhibitors

As the organiser and operator, Messe Frankfurt is responsible for the implementation and conscientious observance of the protection and hygiene regulations that are applicable at the time of the event on the exhibition grounds. As an exhibitor, you are responsible for implementation and observance at your stand, in the same way that you are responsible for compliance with regulations governing occupational health and safety and fire protection. Furthermore, the general and specific Technical Guidelines for the event continue to apply.

Please update your stand construction concepts to satisfy protection and hygiene regulations.

It should be possible to designate a contact person at your company on request and the contact details should be available at the exhibition stand.

Distancing rules

  • It is currently necessary to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres
  • Stand planning must allow for larger stands in which less area is occupied by structures so that as many people as possible can be present on the stand simultaneously
  • Free-standing exhibits must be surrounded by generous open spaces with markings to help visitors maintain proper distancing
  • Presentations can take place at the stand as long as all protection and hygiene rules applicable at the time of the event are complied with
  • In the event that exhibits, display cases, counters, displays, screens etc are placed directly at the edge of the stand, the exhibitor must ensure that no one loiters in the aisle and that distancing rules are observed
  • Product presentations at the edges of the stand are to be avoided to prevent large gatherings of people in the aisles
  • Upper storeys must either have stairways wide enough to allow visitors to travel in both directions, alternatively one-way traffic should be ensured
  • Suitable structural measures (e.g. acrylic glass panels) or personal protective equipment (face masks) must be employed during personal contacts or in meeting areas with tables and chairs if minimum distancing cannot be maintained
  • Stand parties are not possible under current conditions

Active visitor management

  • Stands must have clearly defined and labelled entrances and exits that can be monitored
  • The exhibitor must document the persons they deploy at the stand on a daily basis (Messe Frankfurt fulfils this obligation for the service personnel that it provides)
  • It is not currently necessary to record contact details of visitors to the stand
  • We recommend that the free “Corona-Warn-App” be used

Hygiene measures

  • Compliance with the hygiene recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (
  • Disinfectant dispensers must be provided at the entrances and exits to the stand
  • Heavily used surfaces such as counters, tables, display cases, exhibits and displays must be cleaned and disinfected frequently between visitors as required
  • Exhibits that are frequently used/touched must be cleaned and disinfected frequently and appropriately. No items should be issued that have to be returned if at all possible
  • The ceilings of meeting rooms should be left entirely open to ensure that there is sufficient air exchange
  • If a stand has an upper storey, the area beneath it should remain open and sufficient air exchange should be ensured
  • Face masks must be worn if mandated by the regulations applicable at the time of the event
  • The sale of items at the stand should primarily be cashless

Stand catering

  • If food and beverages are provided, please do so in closed containers wherever possible
  • Protection and hygiene regulations applicable at the time of the event must be complied with
  • The coronavirus regulations instituted by the State of Hesse and those called for by HACCP guidelines must be complied with. If external catering companies are commissioned, the exhibitor is responsible for monitoring compliance with the rules and regulations. Food and drink can be pre-portioned and offered in closed containers. An acrylic glass panel is required if food is not in closed containers. The wearing of masks and compliance with distancing and hygiene rules are mandatory
  • Self-service is prohibited unless the food is already packaged

General information

  • Observance of the travel and quarantine regulations applicable at the time of the event
  • Distancing and hygiene rules may result in delays during set-up and dismantling. That is why we ask that you take advantage of the entire period offered by Messe Frankfurt for set-up and dismantling
  • The exhibitor must instruct all companies (exhibitors, stand constructors, service partners) participating in a stand to comply with protection and hygiene regulations. Furthermore, everyone must instruct their personnel regarding occupational health and safety. The resulting measures are to be incorporated into a safety and hygiene concept in German. This concept must be presented to the authorities on request. If any company is unable to present such a document, the authorities are entitled to demand that they cease work immediately. Please document the presence of your personnel on a daily basis so that you can present this documentation to the responsible authorities on request.
  • Make sure to contact your stand constructor well in advance regarding the implementation of protection and hygiene regulations at your stand
  • Messe Frankfurt has set up a Coronavirus Health & Safety Hotline for you on +49 69 75 75 66 99

For detailed questions please contact the technology department by email:

All the measures detailed above are based on current knowledge and can be adapted at any time in response to future events and requirements. If any changes are made, we will naturally inform you and will update the rules daily at

Last updated: 31. August 2020

For questions about Covid-19 measures

Do you have any questions about Messe Frankfurt's measures to prevent infection during stand construction and dismantling, the staging of events during the pandemic, or about individual trades such as catering or cleaning of exhibits at the exhibition stand?
Then you are welcome to contact our Corona Health & Safety Line personally at +49 69 / 75 75 - 66 99. We are available by phone from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m (MEZ).

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