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Sleep smarter, live healthier: Heimtextil presents the “Future of Sleep”

A balanced diet and sufficient exercise are naturally part of a healthy lifestyle. However, one of the most important building blocks for permanent physical and psychological well-being is constantly neglected: restful sleep. At the upcoming Heimtextil, it will therefore be a particular focus for the first time.


‘Today we know more about restful sleep and its positive influence on the brain, health and immune system than ever before – and yet we still neglect it.’

According to a Forsa study carried out last year for the Techniker Krankenkasse, one in three adults in Germany experiences mediocre, bad or even very bad sleep. The problem: those who don’t sleep well can become ill even if they take sufficient exercise and have a good diet.

Heimtextil has recognised the latest lifestyle trend after nutrition and fitness and has transformed it into a top theme as part of the new trade fair concept “Sleep”. New products in this segment will be combined on a separate hall level (11.0) for the first time. Under the title “Smart Bedding”, 134 exhibitors will present their latest sleeping systems, mattresses and bedding. This includes functional materials as well as innovative technology solutions for a better night’s sleep.

Sleep! The Future Forum


International experts will present on the current state of research in sleep medicine as part of the new “Sleep! The Future Forum”. In four thematic areas (Science & Digital, Sports, Hotels and Sustainability), the experts will provide information about the latest scientific and research findings and provide an outlook on the future of sleep. Heimtextil is cooperating with sleep expert Markus Kamps on the conception and planning of the programme. He and his team will also be on hand to advise trade fair visitors during a “First Aid Sleep Consultation Hour”. The new forum in the foyer of hall 11.0 is thus an attractive meeting point for representatives of the bed industry for knowledge transfer, exchange of experiences and networking.  

More Heimtextil Highlights on the subject "Sleep"


Fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and longer through temperature control

FreshBed will be coming to Heimtextil too, the innovative sleep system using climate technology that is scientifically proven to deliver up to 50% better sleep. It treats you to a delightful microclimate bursting with freshness, the ideal temperature and unparalleled hygiene for a longer, deeper sleep. In purified air, you’ll experience personally adjustable temperature under your duvet.


Better night’s sleep thanks to intelligent assistants

A further novelty is the sleep tracker “Sleep” by the French Company Withings from Issy-les-Moulineaux. Their special sleep sensor mat is filled with air and placed under the mattress where it can synchronise with a smartphone via WLAN. If the user lies down to go to sleep, the clever digital monitors analyse the quality of sleep.


World première: staying overnight in the most unusual places

At Heimtextil, the start-up Sleeperoo will be presenting an extraordinary world première for the hotel industry: the sleep capsule “Sleep Cube” is aimed at offering overnight experiences in the most exotic places possible. The modern version of a tent can be can be installed indoors or outdoors in almost any location.


Learning from top athletes

Nick Littlehales will once again be coming to Heimtextil. The well-known sleep coach of top athletes such as the five-time world champion footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and four-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton will be talking in the “Sleep! The Future Forum” about how even top sporting superstars whose sleep has already been optimised several times can still be improved.


Sustainability in the bedroom

More and more people are also relying on the use of natural materials and sustainably produced textiles in the bedroom. This is why the thematic block Sustainability in the lecture forum is dedicated to the material quality of textiles and the quality of their processing, in particular the verifiability of high environmental production standards.

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