Make and Remake

Make and Remake

Make and Remake rejuvenates existing resources such as second-hand and scrap material. This theme celebrates the transformation of pre-used, deadstock, and remnant textiles into beautiful, desirable products. Designers are encouraged to let their imaginations run free, using creative, unexpected processes and applications to repurpose the wealth of reusable materials already available. Techniques such as overprinting, overdyeing, bricolage, collage, and patchwork create a maximalist, joyful mix of colour, print, pattern, and texture. The aesthetics of repair come to the fore, as contrast joinery, stitching, and patching become features in their own right, and encourage visible rejuvenation. The inventive, ingenious approach of Make and Remake has a joyous, energetic appeal.

Key Influences @studiorens

Rens x Tarkett, Netherlands

Design duo Rens collaborated with global flooring brand Tarkett to produce Re-vive, an innovative collection of recycled rugs. Obsolete carpet from the manufacturer was manually recoloured with red dye, which picked up on uneven colouring, giving each rug unique shades – and new life. Through the dyeing process, the collection celebrates inconsistencies in products originally created to be uniform, and it changes perceptions of mass-produced goods. polcha_paris

Polcha Studio, France

Upcycling is fundamental to Polcha, the studio of French designers Charlotte Tarbouriech and Pauline Leyravaud. For their artwork Evolution 00005, they collaborated with Pinton, renowned maker of rugs and Aubusson tapestry. Using the manufacturer’s archive, they created a piece made of fragments of Pinton textiles, an expression of sustainability recycling in multiple textures, colours and patterns. The work was exhibited during Milan Design Week 2022. @helenkirkumstudio

Helen Kirkum, United Kingdom

Helen Kirkum upcycles worn-out sneakers, some of them sourced from recycling centres, some of them clients’ own cherished pieces. She takes the shoes apart, then cleans and reassembles the components, using a variety of techniques that play with texture and colour. The result is unique, desirable, and beautiful “new” sneakers that still retain a sense of their previous history. Some of her most intriguing repurposings come from collaborations with well-known brands, and her intricate, joyful work has appeared in exhibitions as well as on clients’ feet.

Make and Remake Textiles

  • Enhanced tactility is achieved through crafted embellishment: embroidery, appliqué, textured weaving, knotting and fringing
  • Overprint and overdye processes transform old into new; layered colour patterns and graphics lead to bold and maximalist, yet conscious, designs
  • Wrapped, taped, dipped, darned – visual mending is embraced and elevated, treated as embellishment and decoration
  • Ad-hoc assemblages of pre-loved, remnant or archive textiles combine in mix and match compilations
  • Colour is reclaimed and recycled – synthetic brights are desaturated, muted and dirtied with complex undertones that evidence past lives 

Colour Palette

A palette of nuanced brights represents colour that has been recycled and reclaimed. These saturated hues feature added complexity that suggests the effects of age, wear and transformation through time and processing.

Challenging assumptions that conscious colour must be muted and dirtied, this palette boasts vibrancy and dynamic contrast.


Pantone 19-1862 TCX | NCS S 1580-R | RAL 3027


Pantone 18-4043 TCX | NCS S 2060-R80B | RAL 260 40 40


Pantone 14-3911 TCX | NCS S 1020-R60 | RAL 290 80 10


Pantone 15-0751 TCX | NCS S 1080-Y | RAL 1012


Pantone 15-5416 TCX | NCS S 1050-B80G | RAL 180 70 35


Pantone 15-1717 TCX | NCS S 0540-R | RAL 460-1


Pantone 16-1255 TCX | NCS S 1080-Y50R | RAL 380-4


Pantone 19-4006 TCX | NCS S 9000-N | RAL 790-6

Special thanks to the textile and material contributors

Hero image:
Textile print by Raeburn
Repair by Nina van Bart

Textile image 1:
Textile design by Nina van Bart

Textile image 2:
Textile print by Raeburn

Textile image 3:
Repair by Nina van Bart