Circulose by Renewcell, Sweden

Circulose is a biodegradable fabric made from 100% discarded textiles. Renewcell’s recycling technology turns unwanted material, otherwise destined for landfill or incineration plants, into a new, natural raw material and is significantly more sustainable than existing manufacturing systems. The brand aims to inspire a shift to circularity in the textile industry and reduce the sector’s impact on the environment. It recycles textiles with a high cellulosic content, such as cotton and viscose. The process uses chemicals – which can be recycled and reused – to dissolve the natural fibres and create a slurry. After contaminants and other non-cellulosic content are separated out, the mixture is dried in sheets, packaged into bales and fed back into the textile production cycle. The brand’s Kristinehamn plant, which is powered by 100% renewable energy, can produce up to 4,500 tons of Circulose pulp per year. The brand is currently building a larger 60,000 ton capacity plant in Sweden.

Circulose product image
Circulose product image
Circulose product image


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