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Green Whisper, France/India

Green Whisper’s two founders describe their mission as ‘making a greener world’. Using agricultural waste from banana, sugar cane and areca food crops, they create sustainable products with zero environmental impact. Banana plants only fruit once, and each one produces twice as much residue as harvest – and the vast majority of that waste is burned or goes to landfill. Green Whisper extracts fibre from the waste biomass to make lightweight, durable fabric with uses that range from carpets, rugs, mats and sheets to clothing. The company also produces disposable, compostable dishware made from crop residues, and paper made from banana waste – no trees are cut down to make its stationery, box packaging and gift wrap. In the future, the company plans to extend its raw materials to include waste from maize, wheat and rice crops.

Green Whisper product image
Green Whisper product image


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