From Earth

From Earth

From Earth is focused on the natural world and its wellbeing benefits. There is a deep respect for materials and a desire to reconnect with nature. Designers are exploring the potential of diverse natural resources, emphasising the warmth and softness of organic materials, and the astonishing colour diversity of natural dyeing. The existing beauty of the Earth’s materials is highlighted, as designers collaborate with nature rather than controlling it, embracing natural variation. Imperfection and variation are preferred over standardisation, and raw finishes are sought after. From Earth uses crafting techniques to add textural, tactile richness. This theme gives ecological, earth-born aesthetics a welcome new vibrancy.

Key Influences @superfluxstudio

Superflux, United Kingdom

First shown at the 2021 Biennale Architettura in Venice, Refuge for Resurgence is an installation showing a banquet at which equal seating values are given to different species, including ones often considered “vermin”, imagining a future where all animals are equal. It was created by London-based design studio Superflux using a tactile range of natural objects – branches, logs, twigs, moss – alongside repurposed human discards such as cracked plates, harmoniously bringing together the subtle hues and varied textures of nature with re-worked human artefacts. @sebastiancoxltd

Sebastian Cox, United Kingdom

Regenerative designer, craftsman and environmentalist Sebastian Cox makes bespoke furniture from a nature-first perspective. His pieces are created from locally sourced wood, including his own ancient woodland, and he gives each item a carbon value based on the amount of carbon emitted in the making (from transport to electricity used) and the carbon naturally held in the wood. @wax_atelier

Wax Atelier, United Kingdom

The interconnection between the natural world and material culture is a central theme at Wax Atelier. The studio was founded in 2017 by design duo Lola Lely and Yesenia Thibault-Picazo, and has social enterprise and sustainability at its core. It produces colourful, slowly made, hand-dipped beeswax candles (some in orange, some in seaweed green and more), alongside waxed paper and waxed linen food wraps dyed with flower heads, roots and wood bark. @alikivanderkruijs

Aliki van der Kruijs, Netherlands

Aliki van der Kruijs works in collaboration with environmental scientists, and allows natural forces such as rain, sun, heat, and salt to dictate the results of her design projects. Tackling the issue of dye sustainability, her Afterseason initiative repurposes conventional chemically based ink. Treating waste ink using fungi and sugar not only neutralises its harmful elements, but also creates an environmentally friendly new hue. A purple ink van der Kruijs experimented with broke down into a new dye in a delicate shade of green.

From Earth Textiles

  • Natural variation is celebrated and non-standardisation is embraced in colouration, surface texture and finish
  • Irregularity is encouraged through uncontrolled embellishment and surface decoration with the use of shibori, block printing, and hand-crafted pattern
  • Materials are left in their most natural states; textiles are unbleached and undyed, surfaces are unrefined, raw, and textural
  • Key aesthetic colour qualities include colour bleeding, organic gradients, natural ageing and wear
  • Natural dyes are celebrated, from traditional botanical and indigo dyes to alternative contemporary colours made from agricultural and food waste

Colour Palette

An earthen palette reflects organic matter and natural dyes. Warm, soft and muted, these botanical hues of plant origin range from complex takes of olive and lime to warm beige and pink, and bold indigo. This palette celebrates the beautiful natural variation and nuance of organic colour.


Pantone 14-0636 TCX | NCS S 1040-G90Y | RAL 100 85 30


Pantone 18-0426 TCX | NCS S 6020-G50Y | RAL 100 40 20


Pantone 16-1315 TCX | NCS S 4010-Y30R | RAL 070 60 20


Pantone 13-1030 TCX | NCS S 1030-Y20R | RAL 075 85 40


Pantone 15-1515 TCX | NCS S 1030-Y90R | RAL 030 80 20


Pantone 19-1533 TCX | NCS S 4040-R | RAL 030 30 40


Pantone 16-0742 TCX | NCS S 3060-Y | RAL 085 60 60


Pantone 19-3928 TCX | NCS S 6020-R80B | RAL 270 30 20

Special thanks to the textile and material contributors

Hero image:
Textile dye by Aliki van der Kruijs

Textile design by Nina van Bart

Textile image 1:
Textile dye by Aliki van der Kruijs
Textile by Nina van Bart

Textile image 2:
Textile design by Nina van Bart