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Toward Utopia – Heimtextil Trends 2019/2020

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Trend Space in Hall 3.0: Discover tomorrow’s design trends today

The first port of call when it comes to interior design trends is the new Trend Space (formerly Theme Park) in Hall 3.0, which offers an overview of the latest market developments and the trends for 2019/20. In cooperation with Heimtextil, international design and trend experts have analysed the latest tendencies and prepared trend themes that will be shown in an extravagant presentation at the fair. Visit the Heimtextil Trend Space in Hall 3.0 – the highlight of the fair!


Toward Utopia

The 21st century presents us with diverse challenges, with the mega topic, sustainability, continuing to occupy our minds. In response, we look for ways toward a new utopia - a society that respects every single person and their environment, and builds on individual responsibility, positive actions and optimism. Ask yourself the question: "What is my utopia?" Experience five interactive scenarios for future living concepts at Heimtextil 2019: we invite you to take delight in the playful PURSUE PLAY scenario, to find refuge from the hectic pace of modern life with SEEK SANCTUARY, to disappear from the screen and the web and take on new challenges with OFF-GRID, to escape into a digital universe with ESCAPE REALITY, and to rethink your attitude to luxury with EMBRACE INDULGENCE.

Pursue Play Trends Heimtextil 19/20


In an era of uncertainty, political instability and environmental problems, we satisfy our need for optimism, escapism and creativity with playful activities. Playing helps us to find meaning in the midst of chaos. Designers are focusing on uninhibited, tactile interactions and experiments. Bold and daring designs for products, interior spaces and fashion are enlivened with a touch of humour.

Seek sanctuary


The quest for peace and quiet goes on in the midst of noise in our hyperconnected daily lives. Urban oases serve as a source of relaxation and clarity. Possessing more and more material things is no longer perceived to guarantee happiness. Essentialism does not, however, mean the categorical rejection of products - it’s about the appreciation of design pieces and concepts that are clearly defined, functional and high quality. (Designer: Verena Hennig)

Go off-grid Heimtextil Trends 19/20


In the search for a new closeness to nature, we experience things that go beyond daily routine. It’s an attempt to get back to our roots, to be inventive and active, and to gain cross-border experiences. The designs are focused on the technical aspects of outdoor textiles and work clothing. They presuppose utilitarian aesthetics and promise durability and functionality.

Escape Reality


A new utopia can be rooted in the digital as well as the real world. The potential of virtual and augmented reality means that the boundaries between imagination and reality are blurred. People escape everyday life by creating futuristic worlds. They engage with a technology that enables them to have deeper, more sustainable experiences in daily life. The result is digital tactility.

Embrace indulgence


High quality materials, art deco elements, and solid craftsmanship come together to make a utopic vision of luxury in the future. We look back at earlier epochs and surround ourselves with peaceful inviting aesthetics in modernist style. Cleverly combined and honest materials, creatively implemented ideas, and uncomplicated opulence create a new kind of comfort, as well as intimacy and a tactile experience.

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