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14. - 17.1.2015, Frankfurt am Main

Trend show

Before it becomes a trend, it's on show at Heimtextil

Members of the Heimtextil Trendtable 2014

Members of the Heimtextil Trendtable 2014

During the spring the group of international experts come together at the Trend Table in Frankfurt to analyse their findings and discuss what the coming trends will be.

The annual Trend Book issued by this panel of experts is a widely respected and sought-after publication. It gives a very early preview of the currents and trends for next year and provides exhibitors with valuable information to help them keep ahead of the competition.

The pooled creative energy can then be experienced in the impressive Heimtextil Trend show. Each year a differnet team acts as the leed organisation for the development of the Trend Book and the concept for the presentation. For Heimtextil 2014 the FranklinTill was responsible for this task.

The film on Heimtextil Trend Show 2013

At this absolute industry high-light visitors experience the start of the new season. A extensive supplementary lecture programme with renowned speakers from the design area accompanied this event.