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12. - 15.1.2016, Frankfurt am Main

Heimtextil Newsletter

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#6 (Februar '15): More exhibitors and visitors contribute to a successful Heimtextil

#6 (Februar '15): More exhibitors and visitors contribute to a successful Heimtextil

Theme Park: New trend area a hotspot

New products: New textile products and designs

Heimtextil 2016: Change in the sequence



#5 (Januar '15): The Best of the Best at the upcoming Heimtextil


Theme Park: The Best of the Best

Premiere: ITR: ITR: new stimuli for the sector


Contract Creations: Heimtextil for Architects



#4 (Dezember '14): Sustainability: increasingly a key issue


Sustainability: Transparency & Orientation

Sustainability: Event programme spotlights green themes

Sustainability: Upcycling remains en vogue

#3 (November '14): Attractive programme of events for Heimtextil 2015

Newsletter #3-EN

Contract Creations: Worldwide forum for architecture, design & the hotel industry.

Campus: International universities and colleges create "Hotel Europe"

Digital Print: Larger area devoted to digital printing.  

#2 (October'14): 'Heimtextil Theme Park' is taking shape'


'Heimtextil Theme Park' is taking shape: A first look at the new 'Heimtextil Theme Park'

'Heimtextil Theme Park': Focus on retail, hospitality, technology and sustainability

'Green Village': Sustainable production methods and resource-sparing business practices are firmly established topics at Heimtextil.  

#1 (August'14): "Impetus for Heimtextil and new Inspirationsforum Theme Park"

Exerpt Edition #1

Exerpt Edition #1

Visitors to the next edition of Heimtextil can once again look forward to presentations by a large number of top exhibitors.

Discussion at the stand: David Fussenegger ist back at Heimtextil.

Theme Park: A new form of presentation for themes that reflect the spirit of the age.

#6 (February'14): "Successful start to the new furnishing season"

Excerpt Edition #6

Excerpt Edition #6

The 44th Heimtextil was a good start to the new furnishing season for the sector.

With growth on both the exhibitor and visitor sides, the fair was a great success in all respects.

Our sincere thanks to all exhibitors and visitors!

#5 (Dezember'13): "Heimtextil is all set: Top line-up with prominent European retur"

Excerpt Edition #5

Excerpt Edition #5

Heimtextil in Frankfurt am Main will welcome the international hometextile sector with a top line-up at the beginning of the year.

Look forward to a varied and inspiring start to the season with the Trend Show as a spectacular highlight, as well as an extensive lecture programme and numerous events.

We look forward to your visit!

#4 (November'13): "E-Commerce & Digital Detox"


Excerpt Edition #4

At the upcoming Heimtextil, key facts and figures on e-commerce and the opportunities it holds for retailers will
be put on the table during Webchance Academy.

With Digital Detox, Heimtextil trend experts will discuss the options of returning from the virtual world to personal, sensuous experiences.

Look forward to a rich and colourful programme!

#3 (October'13): "Biodesign from bacteria and plants"


Excerpt Edition #3

Biodesign will be one of the focal themes of the new Heimtextil Trends; we will illustrate methods of making textile products from plants and bacteria.

Also with the future in mind, manufacturers of household textiles will present their novel design ideas at New&Next.

The first European Digital Textile Conference will focus on a future-oriented topic as well.

Look forward to the upcoming Heimtextil and the Edition #3 of the Heimtextil newsletter!

#2 (August'13): "Preview 2014/15 Heimtextil Trends"


Excerpt Edition #2

With its recent presentation of the 2014/15 trends, Heimtextil delivered a forecast for tomorrow’s design and gave the signal for the start of a new furnishing season.

The second edition of the Young Creations Award: Upcycling also promises new impetus for design.

Look forward to the upcoming Heimtextil and the Edition #2 of the Heimtextil newsletter!

#1 (July'13): "Heimtextil continues to grow"

Heimtextil Newsletter Edition #1 (July'13): "Heimtextil continues to grow"

Excerpt Edition #1

All the signs point to another successful event. The number of registrations received to date is excellent with several prominent European manufacturers returning.

We are delighted to have this opportunity to put you in the mood for the coming Heimtextil:

Discover the designers responsible for the Heimtextil Trends 2014/15, the ‘sun’ product group and the ‘Female Shift’ study.