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14. - 17.1.2015, Frankfurt am Main

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Cushions, pillows, quilts, comforters… are products to supply the market of the rest and the comfort; fields in which MASIAS MAQUINARIA, S.L.. have a wide knowledge.

Pillows, Cushions and Furniture Covers:
Automatic lines to fill pillows, cushions and furniture covers by suction across the fabric; method which enables to obtain a uniform distribution of the fibres in the pillows.

Quilts and Comforters: Systems for the direct feeding of virgin or recycled fibres to any multineedle quilting machine, eliminating the need of the traditional wadding roll and the investment in an expensive web forming machine.

Pads: The pad forming machine is designed to feed a virgin- or recycled-fibre pad directly to an oven, calender or needle punch machine.

Fibre balls: Equipments for the transformation of fibres in balls used for the filling of pillows, cushions, mattresses, comforters....

Opening and packing: Machines to obtain a high degree of fibre opening and to sack it automatically.

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